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Since 2019, MPI has spread its wings in the Event Organizer field, especially in music concerts. We always try to put on music concerts that are unusual but memorable in the hearts of the audience.

September 30th, 2019 - Tanda Mata untuk Koes Bersaudara dan Koes Ploes 

Tanda Mata is an annual concert initiated by musician Glenn Fredly as a tribute to legendary Indonesian musicians. This time, he dedicated this concert to Koes Bersaudara and Koes Ploes. Filled by a line of famous musicians and together with Glenn, they sing famous songs from Koes Bersaudara and Koes Ploes. Creating an unforgettable yet nostalgic atmosphere for fans of the legendary band.


December 5th 2019 - A Night with Sheila on 7

Sheila on 7 is one of famous band in Indonesia. A Night with Sheila on 7 is a concert dedicated to their wide fanbase in Indonesia. Served with various popular songs from this beloved band, making this event a joyful and exciting for everyone.


Juli-August 2021 - Dewa 19 ft. Virzha Virtual Concert Collaboration 2021

In order to celebrate their 30th anniversary, Dewa 19 held virtual concert with tagline Collaboration that bring together several famous singers and bands in Indonesia. Dewa 19 collaborate with them in several session, sing some of famous Dewa 19's hit with the singer's or band's corresponding genre.

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